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Automate scheduling ahead
Schedule a meeting in a minute without the hassle of back-and-forth emails.
How does it work
Schedule without schedule
Just send a link, we will do a rest
#1 Create simple rules
Let BFine.Scheduler know your availability preferences and it’ll do the work for you
#2 Share your link
Send guests your BFine.Scheduler link or embed our widget on your website.
#3 Get booked
They pick a time and the event is added to your calendar.
Schedule meetings without the email tennis
  • Share availability anywhere you can share a link
  • Send your preferred times from wherever you are
  • Never ask “what time works for you?” again.
What can it do
Do things, not plan
Don't waste your time doing routine things

Understands when you are busy

BFine.Scheduler follows your calendar and offers meeting times only when you are available.

No more scheduling appointments yourself

Pays for the meeting right away

For comfortable meeting BFine.Scheduler accepts payment in advance and sends an invite link to the quest.

No more "Payment discomfort after meeting"

Adds a meeting to the calendar

Once the meeting is confirmed, BFine.Scheduler adds it to your calendar with all related information.

No more need to add everything manually
Reschedule or cancel
Changed plans? No problem, just cancel or reschedule the meeting in two clicks. BFine.Scheduler takes care of your guest.

No more messaging if something has gone wrong
Anything else..?
Get more, do less
Solutions that save you time
Control the service from all your devices.
You can install our progressive app in 10 seconds without opening the App Store or Google Play.
Insert your scheduler on any website without restrictions.
The integration takes less than 3 minutes.
Get one main page with all kinds of appointments, as well as a separate link for each appointment.
P.S You can create "secret" meeting links.
Don't want some meeting types to be approved automatically? We have manual approvals included.
BFine.Scheduler comes with plenty of pre-installed apps, as well as the ability to build custom integrations for any platform. Connect to the apps you already love to use.
Google Calendar
Create new Google Calendar events automatically and check for busy times.
Google Meet
If Google Meet has been chosen as place for meeting, it automatically generates links for the online call.
If Zoom has been chosen as place for meeting, it automatically generate links for online call.
Apple Calendar (soon)
Create bookings in Apple Calendar, even without exchanging ics files.
Stripe (soon)
Accept payments for your meetings with Stripe. Easily charge for something like a personal consultation or a yoga class.
MS Outlook Calendar (planned)
Automatically create new events in Outlook and check for your busy times.
Webhooks (soon)
Automate tasks in other apps when new events are scheduled.
What people are saying
Use cases
BFine community consist of product managers, photographers, startupers, etc.
Alikhan Mexman
CEO in Mexman.Film
(creative agency & production)

Thanks to the BFine.Scheduler our clients can book the right photographer for their event in two clicks. Also, we are using this tool to schedule face-to-face meetings.

If clients want to discuss a project, they can book a meeting on our website. Just one click and the BeeFine guys will take care of the rest

Nina Trošina
CEO at Czech Yourself
(language school)
We have integrated the BFine.Scheduler to reserve introductory lessons. No more messages into our direct, and as a result, conversion rates increased by 47%.
This service saves me several hours a day that I used to communicate with clients who want to sign up for their first class.
Agatha Morris
Sales manager La Playa Store
Overseeing a portfolio of multiple projects and teams, most with different project management software usually leads to a lot of conflict with scheduling meetings. I often end up being double or triple booked and couldn't ever get my different project calendars to properly sync up. Calendly has completely solved that problem for me, allowing my teams and I to effortlessly set up meetings and events with zero clashes or conflicts since I signed on. Oh!! and I no longer have to do the back and forth emails to schedule events.
Unlimited opportunities that moves your productivity forward
Use BFine.Scheduler in absolutely different ways. We develop different integrations with other platforms. For example, we recently combined it with Stripe to automate course sales. Our clients increased their profits by 1.5 times, relieving the sales team at the same time.

We are open to discuss your project and figure out how to make some processes easier, convenient and cheaper. Save time, make money and enjoy BFine.Scheduler
How much does it cost
Save time, use BFine.Scheduler
We provide flexible and fear pricing policy.
Get & Go plans
We are in βeta.
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Free trier
for first 100 users
per month
per month
Get&Go plans
Application (web + PWA)
Team seats
Limited number
Personally calculated or unlimited
Event types
Limited number
Booking link
In our domain
Your own domain 
All, including premium
(Stripe, MS Outlook, etc.)
BFine Branding can be removed
Your own branding all over the service 
(dashboard, app, domain, etc.)
Setting support
(request queue based system)
Full technical support
(personal asisstant)
Own domain
Additional functionality
Dedicated server for your data
Want to ask something
Support team is willing to help you
We cover all installation and configuration issues
How does setting support work?
We are always available for you. After buying BFine.Scheduler, you'll get a link to "Secret meeting" with support and BFine.Kitchen (our platform to manage your projects).

If you need any help, you can just book a free meeting and we will help you online via zoom.
Also, you can put a request in BFine.Kitchen and chat directly with an IT specialist that helps you with all your processes.

We are answering during the day. The average time is 30 minutes :)
Is there any way to increase event types and seats in paid plans?
Yes, sure! We can prepare a special plan matching all your needs. Just book a meeting with our sales assistant and tell us your requirements.
Also, you can send us an email if you don't like online meetings :)
How easy is to integrate BFine.Scheduler on my website?
It will take 10 minutes of your developer's time.

We help with installation or we can do it for you.
If you prefer install it by yourself, you need to add only one piece of JavaScript similar to the Google Analytics and other common services.
Do you have any CMS integrations (Wordpress, Shopify, Tilda, etc.)?
Yes, you can easily install our widget to any kind of platforms including wordpress, tilda, etc.
There are no any. limitations. Just add a widget code to the place you need.

In case of any issues, don't hesitate to contact our technical team.
Can I use own domain for scheduling (e.g.
Yes, it's available in enterprise plan. We can prepare your own domain, design and do custom improvements for you.

Just contact our sales team.
50% sale for new customers
This product was integrated into BeeFine services recently. We ran several weeks of testing to make sure everything worked correctly.
However, we do not exclude possible minor glitches in the service, which we will fix instantly. So we'd like to thank you for your feedback and information on what can be improved in this service. We are interested in everything: from design and convenience to functionality.

Any ideas how to make BFine.Scheduler better? Write to us!
We will give you 50% discount for the first 3 months in advance as a gesture of gratitude.

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